The CONSCIOUS CARE CIRCLE is a multi-disciplinary group of therapists collaborating both with other complimentary therapists as well as with the biomedical practitioners. We lovingly supporting those on a cancer journey.

The team is committed to providing tailor-made support to meet the unique needs of the individual. Clients are encouraged to pursue “healers” who resonate, and who will walk the journey with them lovingly. The team sees love, spiritual and moral support, as well as nature as valuable healing agents.  The Conscious care circle healers aim to assist the client to unlock the natural healing force within, each therapist using their particular expertise and tools to accomplish this.

In the case of those with stage 4 cancer and special cases, home consultations can be arranged.

Our integrated therapies:

  • Various treatments to release toxins
  • Lymph drainage
  • Pain management
  • Supercharge the immune system
  • Touch therapy (massage and reflexology)
  • Energy balancing (reiki and subtle energy)
  • Emotional and spiritual assistance to maintain a positive outlook
  • Assistance maintaining balance – ie. Taking responsibility vs over-identifying with cancer, will to heal vs acceptance of what is
  • Centering, visualizations, stress reduction techniques
  • Providing a safe space to “feel” and “express” suppressed emotions
  • Discovering and reprogramming negative self-defeating thoughts and core beliefs
  • Assistance with body image and self-image, identity and life-style changes
  • Finding meaning in cancer and life purpose
  • Relationship therapy
  • Discussing and feeling comfortable with the cycle of life and death
  • Starting over again – adjusting to work life or finding passions and aligning transformed self to new career

Hypnosis has proven to be extremely valuable in the treatment of cancer patients. Clinical hypnosis has been defined as a mind-body therapy that involves a deeply relaxed state, individualized mental imagery, and therapeutic suggestion.

Yoga & Meditation

The healing power of yoga is known to help both cancer patients and cancer survivors. Yoga provides a gentle whole-body exercise that strengthens the body, boosts the immune system and can help restore motion


We offer numerous therapy options for pain management. These include: Hypnotherapy Scenar therapy Meditation Infrared therapy Kinesiology Reflexology Therapist: Aneeshia Khoja

Conscious Care Circle - Reiki

Reiki is a very old natural, hands-on healing technique that is very gentle and powerful.  During a Reiki treatment, Universal Life Force Energy is transferred from the Reiki practitioner to the client.  Reiki supports

Conscious Care Circle - Counselling

Individual therapy Trauma counselling Centering and containment after hearing diagnosis and/or treatment plan Assistance breaking news to children and family members Assistance with practical matters Walking alongside the individual who has cancer Empowering individual

Conscious Care Circle - Reflexology

The science and magic of reflexology lies in the stimulation of reflex areas and meridians with a strong pressure technique to activate the natural, powerful self-healing mechanisms of the body. The whole body is