Project Description

Individual therapy

Trauma counselling

  • Centering and containment after hearing diagnosis and/or treatment plan
  • Assistance breaking news to children and family members
  • Assistance with practical matters

Walking alongside the individual who has cancer

  • Empowering individual to explore treatment options
  • Providing a safe space to “feel” and “express” emotions
  • Exploring topics such as patterning, repressed emotions, self-defeating thoughts, self-sacrifice and self-love, obstacles and stressors that possibly contributed to a place of “disease”
  • Assistance with the changes and impact on self-esteem and body image
  • Assistance with relationships with partner/care-giver
  • Assistance resuming work/life once in remission

Ongoing support for care-giver

Group Therapy

Series of 10 two-hour sessions- provision of tools and discussions

Topics include:

  • Mindfulness- being present
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Finding the balance- e.g. taking responsibility vs over-identifying with cancer, will to heal vs acceptance of what is
  • Body image/sex
  • Finding meaning in cancer
  • Letting go of control and planning, and learning to live without knowing the answers
  • Forgiveness, gratitude and finding the gift in cancer
  • Tapping and other tools to deal with pain
  • Discussing death and spiritual matters
  • Whatever needs arise from the group

Members of the groups share common experiences, and develop a sense of belonging. Support groups develop naturally as a result of the time spent together, and the sharing of personal stories. Financially this is a less burdensome option.


It is indeed a “treat” and a privilege to leave the everyday commitments of life behind for a couple of days, and to drink in the peace, serenity, healing and spiritual connection Mother Nature offers.  Not only is being in nature relaxing and rejuvenating, but it is also conducive to introspection, and renewal.

A programme has been developed which integrates nature and its powers of healing with various psychological techniques and modalities, to bring about self-awareness, reconnection, empowerment, personal growth, stress release and general well-being. It is a time to reflect and rejuvenate.

The venue, duration and theme of the respective retreats vary. Details will be updated on our events page.


Gail Williams - Psychologist
Gail Williams